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Wedding Photo Story 2
Wedding Photo Story 2

Wedding Photo Gallery 2
Wedding Photo Gallery 2 Vancouver Photographer
Vancouver Photographer

Wedding Photo Gallery 2

We got married on July 24th in Vancouver at the Brockhouse. It was unnervingly cloudy that morning, and I was pacing the hotel room by the window, while we were all getting dressed. It cleared up and turned into a beautiful day, and by the time we rolled up to the Brockhouse in the rented antique car, everything was as it was supposed to be we had already had so much fun going all over the city taking pictures.

The day was everything that I had imagined it to be and so much more. We wrote our own vows and said them to each other for the first time at the ceremony in front of our friends and family. It really touched me to see Mike cry during his vows, it was the first time I saw him moved to tears in that way. With all the special details, it turned out to be both very traditional and modern at the same time.

I really love going through photos and looking back on the day, theres a series of black and white photos of the girls getting ready. We spent the night at the Pan Pacific Hotel, imagine it 5 girls in 2 connected rooms. After all the chatting and giggling we tried to get to bed early. My mom came with coffee and muffins in the morning and everyone watched everyone else get ready. I was the last one to get my hair and make-up done, and I have the distinct memory of spending the morning looking out the window worrying about the weather, and how all the most important women in my life reassured me that everything was going to be just fine.

Photographer Tobyn Ross

Mike Janel

"We had dinner under tents and left the flaps open to let the breeze in. I think it was a special sunset that night because everyone said something about the orange sky"

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